Ozden Auto Service & Repair - 864 23rd Street Richmond, CA 94804 - (510) 590 2004 - msozden@gmail.com
Ozden Auto Service & Repair
Official Smog and Brake & Lamp Station

864 23rd Street Richmond, CA 94804 - (510) 590 2004
Welcome to Ozden Auto Service and Smog Check
Ozden Auto repair is your full service emissions and general repair location for Bay area. We specialize in smog failure diagnose and repairs. We inspect and certify all kind of vehicles for smog check. Ozden Auto Repair combines our professional knowledge with the highest levels of customer service to accurately diagnose and repair your vehicle.

  • STAR Smog Station ( We can perform smog test Test Only Directed vehicles here)
  • Smog check repair specialist ( Any vehicle we can diagnostic, repair and issue certificate for DMW)
  • Official Smog Check Test and Repair Station ( Any vehicle we can test and repair )
  • CAP (Consumer Assistance Program) Program Service
  • Official Brake and Lamp Inspections for DMV
  • Complete Automotive Service, Diagnostic, Repair